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Community Missions

As Jesus was sent by God into the world, so Jesus has now sent us with the good news of his work into the world.  Therefore we want to be increasingly involved in our local community, living out our faith, in words and deeds.


Currently we are involved in:


Barkley Hall BBQs, a bi-monthly dinner with the student residents of Barkley Hall


FOCUS, a weekly dinner and Bible Study for international students, a joint project with Deakin University CU.


Home Help, a Saturday "Backyard Blitz" for those who have trouble keeping up with the growth in their backyards.


3216 Connect Op Shop, is a South Barwon initiative, seeking to serve the local community. The shop provides a hub for people to gather and seek help, as well as raising money that goes back into the local community. For more information see the website 

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