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At South Barwon we believe that God has called us to live all of life in worship of him.  Whether it be by ourselves, in community, at home or at work; whether young or old, we want to honour God.  We do this because of two great reasons...


First, God should be worshipped!  Again and again the Bible calls us to worship God because of who he is.  He is a great, powerful, gracious and merciful God who deserves our undivided attention.  We do so by praying and singing, reading his Word and obeying, giving and celebrating the sacraments together (baptism and Lord's supper), by caring for one another and sharing the good news of Jesus.


Second, we worship because we were made to worship.  God created every person with an in-built desire to worship.  If we do not worship God, we worship something else – money, ourselves, heroes, image, an idol… But only as we worship God do we find the joy, contentment and peace that we so desperately seek.

Each Sunday morning we meet together as a community to worship God and encourage each other.  So what is a worship service like at South Barwon?  If you come along you might notice…


1.  Our services are intergenerational.  We have a mix of ages - children, young people, adults and seniors.  We like to think of the whole church as a family, with older and younger people worshipping together.  During our morning service there is a crèche for young children and Sunday School for children aged 3-7.


2.  Our services combine old and new.  We sing both older and newer songs, acknowledging a deep worth in both.  Some of our songs are slower and reflective, some of our songs are upbeat and expressive.  Our singing is accompanied by keyboard, guitars, violin, saxophone, drums, trombone and vocals.


3.  Our services have God’s Word at the centre.  At the heart of every service is biblical teaching and preaching.  Usually we work our way through books of the Bible, seeking to understand and respond to God’s call on our lives as he speaks to us through the Scriptures.


4.  Our services are simple and reverent.  We are not trying to put on a great show each week, but rather, we seek to honour God in a sincere way as we sing, pray, read and listen to the Word together.


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