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Small Groups

At the heart of our life together at South Barwon is a network of small groups where people meet for fellowship, prayer, encouragement and Bible study.  We have found over the years that one of the best ways to grow spiritually, is to belong to a small group of people who meet intentionally to build up our church community and support each other.

Each group meets in a home, either weekly or fortnightly.  While all of the groups have a unique flavour, they seek to grow by focusing on the following three elements:


Gospel.  The good news of God’s work in Christ is at the centre of our lives, our community and our worship.  Therefore our groups will focus on studying the Bible, learning and being shaped by the gospel.


Community.  Life was not meant to be done alone.  Our groups are places where lives are shared, encouragement is given and received, friendships are built and where people find ways to practically love each other as God has loved us.


Mission.  God, who is calling people to himself, has sent his people on a mission in the world to make Jesus known.  In our groups we encourage each other in that mission and seek practical ways as a group to make Christ known in both words and action.


While each group has these elements, all of the groups vary greatly.  Some are more informal and casual, some are for younger people, some are for new Christians or those just looking into the faith and some are more intense Bible study groups. However, all groups are contexts for friendships to form, where people can be 'real' with each other.

If you are interested in being part of a Small Group then please contact us.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clinton - 0424 477 487 

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